Originally, from the Chicago area, I have a diverse background in film and TV production, as well as general commercial, model and actor photography. I obtained my BA in Professional Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA in 1997, where I majored in both still photography and motion picture. After having been away from Hawai'i for over 10 years, I returned in the fall of 2009 and Honolulu is now my permanent home.


    Much of the work I feature tends to be in an editorial style that tells the story of the current generational shift in male models. It is clear about the fact that there are many more male models now who want to be photographed in ways that are just as honest, intimate, bold, sexy and glamorous as the way female models have historically been shot. They each still retain their own unique and masculine identity even more effectively in this modern context that is reflective of who they are as individuals. I view my job as one in which I try to be the story teller and to help models access their own talents and abilities for all the world to appreciate. I do my best not to stand in the way of the model' self-expression because, after all, it is the model's story.


    Fit Figures Magazine
    Island Media
    Otto Cake
    Beautiful Mag
    Aloha Guide (US Mainland)
    Village Lighthouse Publishing
    DNA Magazine Australia (Print)
    Island Heritage Publishing
    Santa Barbara News-Press
    OhLaLa Mag
    Laura Davis Productions, LA
    Nu Image Productions, LA
    Martin Good Productions, LA