"I really want to thank you for everything once again! I'm so content with our photos and I'm definitely getting recognition and booking more shoots! Thank you sooo much!" — Model St. John

"Thank you, Jim! You're the best! My agent said that's my best picture yet and he loves it!" — Actor Saitia Fa'aifo

"Thanks, Jim, for all of your excellent work and professionalism. It's always a joy to see your work." — David Kennedy, Owner-DPK Development.

"My other photographers don't like me working with you. Their self esteem tends to drop when they compare their work next to yours in my portfolio." — Model Julius Gannon.

Viewer Comments:

"Love your work...and it's very instructive. You are a master at editing and, of course, the images that you work with are already so polished. Your impeccable choice in models helps, but it's YOU who brings out their best qualities...Thanks for sharing."

"Classic Greek statue physique with a 21st Century look - great work."

"Exquisite lighting. The texture of this photograph reminds me of paper thin dragonfly wings, totally opaque and fragile but the model looks sturdy, grounded and substantial. Fabulous technique in merging opposite textures. This is truly art."

"Simple but you cant keep your eyes off of it!"

"You are fortunate to have Chris as a model...he has all the magnetism of a major model...and then some. Incredible physique, face, presence and in all the photos you have posted of him you bring out his best. You make a great team!"